Saturday, 19 August 2017

Well Said

The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god or not.
Eric Hoffer
(1902 - 1983)

Bye-Bye Brucey

Image result for Sir Bruce Forsyth

Very sad to hear Bruce Forsyth has passed away, aged 89.  A true veteran of stage, film and TV, I always had a soft spot for him.  He will be missed.

Davinson Sanchez

Is the first Spurs buy of the new season and traditionally late in the day.  At £42 million he ain't cheap but I trust our scouting team to bring top players to our club.  I hope he doesn't disappoint as plenty of expensive players in the past have...



Some people say that a slight bow is the best way to indicate assent, and I’m inclined to agree.


Orhan did his Uefa manager/agent's training with his friend Amir a few years ago and both are fully qualified to earn a living in the cut and thrust world of professional football.  While Orhan sensibly retired to enjoy life in the Izolian slow lane, Amir used his skills to set up an agency and I just found out he was instrumental in sending a Slovene player to my home town team of Arminia Bielefeld.

What a small world.


“Drag,” in reference to cross-dressing, first appeared in the dictionary in 1870. The term originated in the theatre.  Men wearing elaborate gowns found that long hems tended to drag on the ground, and eventually referred to any character requiring a dress as a “drag” role.

Izola on High

A nice aerial view of Izola that shows its layout and beautiful, working Marina.  A pity it didn't include any camerawork on the deck, walking through some of the cobble stoned streets, but it gives you an idea of where we currently live.


Really sad to see that the Winch Bar has closed since our last visit.  It was always a favourite of mine, set a little way off the regular tourist tramp, slightly up the hill and I was looking forward to spending some time watching the locals play time chess and chain smoke.

It's a real shame and I hope the ex-owners are coping.  ðŸ˜Ÿ

On the Buses

No rest for the wicked as the saying goes and having barely spent a couple of nights in Izola we get back on the bus to head down to Rovinj.  This time though we have only hand luggage and a scant three hour coach ride along the Adriatic Sea.

We buy our tickets on the bus itself and I am glad we enquired at the ticket office as they pointed out we have to wait on the opposite side of the bus stop as we are not heading into Koper, our usual direction.  That could have been funny- not.

Coming back is easier as Dave and Wen have a hire car and will drive directly.  They are also staying at the best hotel in town, at the Marina.  It finally gives us a chance to see what it's like inside and grab a beer at the bar.  Should be fun.



Not Just Cricket

Once again the weather is going to foul up the Fish Festival as the severe weather forecast for today has cancelled the event.  Instead it is being rescheduled for tomorrow but alas we will still miss out as we're off to Rovinj to meet up with Dave and Wen on their tour of Croatia.

We'll be back Monday with guys also over-nighting to get first hand experience of just how wonderful Izola is.


The Fish Festival kicked off with its usual flair to thronging crowds enjoying the balmy weather. Live music, fish/seafood stall, beer and wine booths and art/craft sellers cramming into every square centimetre of space.

As we passed the Bariera, who had extended their bar onto the beach promenade, Rok, the owner came bounding out to quite literally pick me off my feet.  I am on the meaty side of 10 stone yet he plucked me up in his enormous bear arms and danced me around the street.

This is how they greet you in Izola, it's a little more affectionate than the English handshake.

Three Times the Charm

I had the misfortune to break a glass cooking pot top that shattered into a million pieces, which belonged to my cousins' set of three.  Mortifying but an example of just how clumsy I have been over the past week.

Yesterday I smashed a Kolsh beer glass that I was hoping to take back to Bangkok as it was a present from Jan and a memento of our day during a street festival in Frankfurt.  Again, more clumsiness which is really unlike me.

I am now waiting for strike three but fortunately don't believe in that mumbo-jumbo...

C & H

Friday, 18 August 2017


Hearty congrats to Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Prize winning activist who narrowly avoided death after being shot by the Taliban.  She has gained a place to study philosophy, politics and economics at the University of Oxford.

A most impressive feat and yet I wonder.

After some searching, she aced all three of her exams (subjects unknown) with three "A"s, but surely to get into Oxford you need better than that?  A+ results and probably four exams?

Not trying to belittle her remarkable achievements but I wonder if Oxford are playing a PR game here?


Bloody Brilliant

Our eldest nephew just got his AS results back (first year "A" level, I think):  A, A, B & B in maths, further maths, physics, computing.

He sure don't take after me.

Top work fellah, get the finals nailed to the same levels and you'll be joining us in Bangkok next year to celebrate.

Best Bakery

Related image

Whether it's a slice of pizza, a piece of pie or perhaps a section of strudel, the local bakery is simply marvellous at offering all kinds of tempting treats.

But by far is their burek, a filo pastry style pie that can be with cheese, spinach, meat or combinations thereof.  I got a quarter of a dust bin lid sized slice which took two of us to get home and will feed me until the middle of next week.  I opted for their pizza burek, the best of both worlds.

All for 2€...

What a Race

The Austrian round of the MotoGP was on over the weekend but I only got a chance to watch it last night.  Superb racing with plenty of overtaking and balls out riding saw a real nail biting finish which not many would have predicted.

Italy's Andrea Dovizioso held off world champion Marc Marquez to win a thrilling Austrian MotoGP Grand Prix.

World championship leader Marquez had started on pole but Ducati's Dovizioso, 30, got the better of an incredible battle where the lead changed hands several times, including twice on the final corner in Spielberg.

Marquez's Honda team-mate and compatriot Dani Pedrosa came third.

More at the BBC

Austrian MotoGP result:

1. Andrea Dovizioso (Ita/Ducati) 39 mins 43.323 secs
2. Marc Marquez (Spa/Honda) 39:43.499
3. Dani Pedrosa (Spa/Honda) 39:43.499
4. Jorge Lorenzo (Spa/Ducati) 39:49.986
5. Johann Zarco (Fra/Yamaha) 39:50.585
6. Maverick Vinales (Spa/Yamaha) 39:50.770
7. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 39'50.770
8. Alvaro Bautista (Spa/Ducati) 39'57.838
9. Loris Baz (Fra/Ducati) 40'02.943
10. Mika Kallio (Fin/KTM) 40'03.089

Championship standings:

1. Marc Marquez (Spa/Honda) 174 points
2. Andrea Dovizioso (Ita/Ducati) 158
3. Maverick Vinales (Spain/Yamaha) 150
4. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 141
5. Dani Pedrosa (Spa/Honda) 139
6. Johann Zarco (Fra/Yamaha) 99
7. Jorge Lorenzo (Spa/Ducati) 79
8. Jonas Folger (Ger/Yamaha) 77
9. Cal Crutchlow (GB/Honda) 76
10. Danilo Petrucci (Ita/Ducati) 75

News Thump

Wimpy restaurant
There was disappointment in Littlehampton as their Wimpy restaurant on the High Street missed out being named the Good Food Guide restaurant of the year yet again.
There was controversy last year when it emerged that the compilers of the Good Food Guide hadn’t even visited the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy, effectively ruling out of any chance of it being named restaurant of the year with no one even sampling a meal.
Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall won the prestigious title.
“Well, look, nothing against Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, I’m sure it does some great food,” said Simon Williams, manager of the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy.
“Although, I understand that it’s a fish restaurant, so that seems a bit limited to me.
“But the fact is, we’re a great little restaurant, you can get a bender in a bun, a brown derby, or you can just get a nice cup of tea and read the Littlehampton Gazette. Tuesday evenings, we’ll do a free Fanta with every meal.
“Now, you can’t tell me that Restaurant Nathan Outlaw can do all that.”
101-year-old Eleanor Gay has been visiting the Wimpy for her breakfast every day since 1979.
“I love it here,” She laughed.
“They do a lovely banana split and don’t charge to refill my tea, it’s restaurant of the year for me for sure.”
Although Mrs Gay received a free plate of chips as she told us this, there is no suggestion that the chips were in exchange for her positive endorsement.
The Good Food Guide refused to answer any queries regarding the Littlehampton branch of Wimpy not being named restaurant of the year.

Well Said

"Wrong" is one of those concepts that depends on witnesses.
Scott AdamsDilbert, 11-05-09
US cartoonist (1957 - )

Good Question

Why are London landlords not capital letters?

Treasure Troves

As with our tradition, we tend to leave a few items (read big bags) at places we visit often.  Cousins J & J have a large case in their basement full of our winter clothes, we have more stuff at my Aunt's in Bielefeld and of course we have mountains of gear here in Izola, with the 02s.

Half the fun of coming back after a lengthy interval is realising just what we have at our disposal and following a fun filled time diving into musty bags, wifey said she could have travelled directly from Bangers to here without packing a single thing; we have it all here already.

T shirts and shorts, flappers and trainers, jackets and hats and all kinds of things we had forgotten about, such as two electric toothbrushes, a laptop (OK, that's well old but the Vaio still chugs along and can be used to watch videos if need be), loud speakers, a shaver, bathroom gear- the list is endless.

Next time we really will travel without gear but when I look at what I did pack, it's almost all full of presents.  There seems to be no getting away from carrying stuff at all.

It Kicks off Already

The famous and ever so popular fish festival starts today but sadly we will miss most of it as we will be in Rovinj, Croatia tomorrow.  We'll make the most of it and I'm glad that I posted this as it's a good reminder for us to buy Kunar today- as tomorrow the banks will be closed.

Bangkok Weather

We haven't had the best run of sunshine along the Rhine but tings were picking up in Frankfurt and it was shorts time again after the first day.  But the precipitation has long been forgotten as we awake every morning to golden globes and temperatures well into the early thirties.  It's almost like being home.  Hang on, we are.  ðŸ˜Ž

Match Report

It seems the s-i-l who went up to St James' has not got back to me with details of the game so I had to look it up for myself.  See you next month, Shaz...

Familiarity can so often be wonderfully reassuring but, for Newcastle United, it all too frequently provokes depression. There was to be no exception to this general Geordie rule on Sunday when the sight of Mike Ashley with his arms determinedly folded in the directors’ box simply served as a reminder of how badly the club’s owner has let Rafael Benítez down in the transfer market this summer.
As if that were not sufficient, a moment of mindless, all too typically self-destructive stupidity from Jonjo Shelvey – namely stepping on Delle Alli’s ankle straight in front of the referee – at the outset of the second half saw Benítez’s side reduced to 10 men.
Goals from Alli and Ben Davies consequently enabled a visiting team who had hitherto struggled to undo Newcastle’s defensive organisation to rediscover the benefits of what some fear has become an almost stifling familiarity.
After a summer of total transfer market frustration Mauricio Pochettino is desperate to introduce a few new faces ahead of a potential title challenge but, despite playing well within themselves, his existing crew were too good for their newly promoted hosts.
In some ways the first half went reasonably well for Newcastle; Rob Elliot’s goal was barely threatened, Christian Atsu’s pace periodically troubled the young debutant Kyle Walker-Peters, Dwight Gayle looked lively if not exactly subtle and Pochettino’s mounting frustration seemed highlighted when he ordered Moussa Sissoko and Christian Eriksen to swap flanks. Arguably, most reassuringly of all, the Tynesiders defended very well.
Yet there was still plenty to worry Benítez. Foremost among his concerns must have been Shelvey’s struggles to touch the ball, let alone unleash a penetrative play-making pass but Newcastle’s collective penchant for forfeiting possession far too cheaply can hardly have represented a cause for optimism either.
It did not help that Paul Dummett’s early attempt to intercept Sissoko left the home left-back hamstrung. That injury prompted Jamaal Lascelles’s introduction, with Benítez’s club captain swiftly proving his worth courtesy of a difficult block to prevent the impressive Mousa Dembélé from driving a shot into the bottom corner.
The substitution interrupted Newcastle’s initially ferocious tempo and, inexorably, Spurs began controlling the pace - and dominating possession. Benítez’s best hope appeared to rest with getting men behind the ball and thwarting his guests before using the pace of Atsu and Gayle to accelerate behind Pochettino’s high defensive line on the break.
Sure enough one such counter-attack did conclude with Walker-Peters tripping the striker in the area. Had a linesman not flagged for offside against Gayle, it would have been a penalty. No matter; the novice right-back may not quite be the new Kyle Walker but Walker-Peters did sufficient good things to suggest he has an extremely bright future.
The home bench suffered further disappointment when Harry Kane – then rivalling Shelvey in terms of minimal impact on events – was rightly shown a yellow card for catching Florian Lejeune late with an unfortunate tackle from behind which Benítez thought worthy of a red. The centre-half, newly recruited from Eibar, hobbled off and was replaced by Chancel Mbemba as Newcastle’s defence underwent yet another revamp.
That unit’s enduring efficiency ensured a slightly soporific ending to a first 45 minutes characterised by unusually abundant sunshine, a cacophony of piercing boos greeting St James’ Park old boy Sissoko’s every touch and Ashley’s looming directors’ box presence.
Earlier Sky had released excerpts of a pre-recorded interview with Newcastle’s owner featuring an admission that he had been “naive” in sacking Sam Allardyce and an apology to Chris Hughton for his treatment of the club’s former manager.
If that “sorry” was long overdue, Shelvey owed a very big apology to a lot of people after his idiotic 48th-minute sending off. With Alli prone on the turf after conceding a free-kick and cheekily pushing the ball away from his adversary, the midfielder stood on the England creator’s ankle, directly in front of Andre Marriner.
Decisions are rarely more straightforward and the referee wasted no time in reaching for his red card. With Lascelles beginning on the bench, Benítez had made Shelvey captain for the afternoon but, now, the Spaniard deliberately looked away as he trudged off.
Newcastle’s 10 men soon fell behind. Like Kane, Alli had endured an uncharacteristically ineffective start but he issued a belated reminder of his talent by registering that opening goal.
It arrived at the end of a hallmark Spurs passing move, concluding with Kane picking out Eriksen whose cross was met by Alli’s left foot and a stretching finish far too good for Elliot after the scorer had darted between Lascelles and Mbemba.
If Alli’s run had been timed to perfection so, too, was Ben Davies’s dash into the box as Pochettino’s left-back, claimed the second goal with a low, six-yard shot following slick first-time passes, from Kane and Alli and the increasingly excellent Eriksen’s deception of the home defence by shaping to shoot himself.
Anxious not to be eclipsed, Kane then hit a post before seeing a ’goal’ disallowed for offside. His moment will come - but Newcastle’s horizon looks ominously clouded.

Easy When You Know How

Math Limerick

A dozen, a gross, and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared and not a bit more.

I could improve it to include the rude part by adding ", you whore" at the end.  Sure it messes up the rhyming a bit but you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs, right?

Or as the Germans say, a carpenter will always have shavings on the floor when he planes.  Or something like that...


In 1948, wordplay master and recreational mathematician Leigh Mercer published this equation in Notes and Queries…

Math Limerick

Math Limerick

Read in the right way, it follows almost all the rules of a limerick- an AABBA rhyme scheme with the third and fourth lines shorter than the others.

I say almost all the rules, because the foremost limerick scholar maintained that the true limerick is always obscene, which this one is not. Sorry.

So, can you read it?

The knack coming up next and ta to 22 Words of sharing this.

So Good to be Back

The O2s had been busy during our two year absence and refurbished the apartment (a clear sign that Olivera had since retired and had time on her hands for the first time in 40 odd years).  The pad looked smashing and we even found a six pack of Union in the fridge to toast our arrival.

Best of all, the wi-fi kicked in straight away and we're also back in the 21st century and I can catch up on here and also with our marvellous Spurs first win of the season.

Unfortunately we cannot get to comfy as we're off again tomorrow to meet up with old pals Dave and Wen who are close by in Croatia.  We meet them for a couple of nights and then they come to us on Monday before heading back to the UK.  It promises to be a lot of fun and there will be much pivo, no doubt.

Landing in Ljbuljana

By good fortune we still arrived bang on time at 18:30 and we thought it would be easy to pick up a bus to Koper for the last part of the trip.  The good news was that there was a bus but it left at 21:35 and would take at least two hours, meaning we would not get to Izola until gone midnight if we managed to get a cab at that hour.

We bought two tickets, found a bar and ordered a beer to while away the two hours.  Wifey also picked up a Slovene SIM to contact the O2s (Olivera and Orhan, our friends with whom we would be staying for the next six weeks).

We also had free wi-fi in the bar so while wifey did all the running to advise our hosts of ETAs and such, I was doing the far more important stuff and reading up on the Toon/Spurs game- see later.

Anyway, as soon as Olivera, Mrs Fixit, heard of our dilemma, she got on the case and within 10 minutes she had a private car waiting for us to take us directly to Izola.  There seems to be some website for car sharing and she had sorted out a transfer for us.  It all happened so quickly I very nearly didn't get to finish my second Union* of the night.

Not only did the lad and his girlfriend take us directly to the front door in just over an hour, but it only cost us 5€ per person, including our luggage.

It's just a shame we didn't even get a chance to get a refund on our bus tickets but by then we could care and losing 25€ was the least of our worries.  We were home again and all by 22:30.


First Change

Almost halfway through the trip we heard that due to carriage problems we would need to change at Salzburg.  That was unfortunate and problematic as they had provided enough 1st class wagons and seat reservations were in chaos too.

It became a free-for-all rugby scrum to get somewhere to sit but we managed and also got our bags secured before being informed that we would need to change again in Vallach.

So much for stress free and and easy, direct transfer... but at least for the final leg the original carriages were at the station and we had the lat 90 minute ride to Ljubljana in the privacy and class we had paid for.

But this is the second time we have been advised the journey is direct and yet we have had to change.  Not impressed.

Moving On

Unfortunately, our time in Frankfurt was over far too quickly and it was time to take the train all they way to Slovenia.  At least it was a direct 10 hour journey and we would not have to change our lug our bags around once we had boarded.  It was also going to be quite a luxurious ride as we had taken up the offer to upgrade to first class for a piffling extra 10€/head- money well spent for we had the entire compartment to ourselves and wifey could rest her leg properly sprawled out in comfort.

Surely nowt could go wrong?

Joke de Jour

A linguistics professor says during a lecture that, "In English, a double negative forms a positive. But in some languages, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, in no language in the world can a double positive form a negative."

A voice from the back of the room piped up, "Yeah, right."

Such Relief

Our German ATM banking card had expired and we took the opportunity to change our address to my cousins' pad, making it easier to access replacements.

A new card arrived a few months back, along with a new PIN which were guarded by J & J but we still had to send funds over "blind" from NZ in readiness for our tour of Europe.

That meant we had at least three months of not knowing if the transfer had landed safely as we do not have internet banking on our account, so it was with much relief that:

(a) the card and new PIN worked
(b) the wedge had arrived safely

NOTE:   It is quite possible to check your balance via an ATM without the need of entering your PIN.  Aye, I still can't get my head around that either.

PS:  We should now be able to access our account on-line since registering it at the local branch of Deutsche Post.  There should be customer number heading on out to J & J, and once they pass it on to me, we should be good to go.  That'll make life far easier.

Mos Def

Ha - Ho - He... Hertha BSC

Monday night saw Jan's home team Hertha taking on the 2nd league giants Hansa Rostock in the first round of the German Cup.  My team Arminia had already got themselves knocked out on the previous Saturday but there is no great shock in that as we're shit.

Anyway, the Berlinders have a custom of turning up at their local bar and watching their team play and I have to say a wider range of people I have yet to meet.  They came from all walks of life, from all around the globe (half German, half Thai was one of the best) but all came bedecked in their traditional blue and white colours.

I too was loaned a BSC shirt to feel part of the gang, which added to the spirit of the game and the feeling of belonging.

It wasn't the best of games as Rostock were spoiling the party by defending well but it was sure thrilling and tense up until the hooligans took over and aborted the game for quite some time with an impromptu firework display (it's illegal to take pyrotechnics to a game, so how did the "fans" manage that?) and a barricade of a section of the stadium.

After play resumed for the last 10 odd minutes, the boys in red (away colours which meant wifey spent the entire game cheering the wrong team...) Berlin took the lead and scored again just before the final whistle.

0 - 2 was a fair result but it was the atmosphere that really made the night and I have never seen so much Jaegermeister downed over the course of 90 minutes.  These boys know how to celebrate hard- and it was a school night too.

Schnitzel the Size of a Dinner Plate

After a brief unpack and clean up we headed up to the local restaurant for a traditional schnitzel.  By that stage I was a tad hungry and ordered the biggest monster on the menu which duly arrived piled mountain high.

I think I surprised everyone by finishing off every last bit, including the pommes and a couple/three beers, for the best scoff since landing on German soil.

The only bone of contention was that we had agreed it was going to be our treat but Jan used his superior knowledge of local business procedures and greater skills of the German language to pick up the bill.  Completely out of order yet typically generous as ever.

Back in the Hood

Our final leg of the journey was taking the train from Rudesheim to Frankfurt, whereupon Jan hearing that wifey was crocked, immediately said he would come to collect us from the train station in Frankfurt by car.

It was greatly appreciated but what else are Sunday afternoons for, if not carting around house guests and their ridiculous amounts of luggage.  It wasn't wifey who was mightily relieved as we were getting a little weary of our whistle stop tour and were looking forward to a few nights of not moving.

C & H Catch Up

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bruv and S-i-L

Image result for funny happy wedding anniversary images

Next Stop Frankfurt

To stay with our cousins for a few nights, which means we shall be off- line until we reach Izola, next week.  See you then.

The Oatmeal

Yeah, but how did he reach his zip?  ðŸ˜





Murphy's Australian Law states that if something kangaroo it willgaroo.

Well Said

You wake me up early in the morning to tell me I am right? Please wait until I am wrong.
Johann von Neumannon being phoned at 10:00 AM
US (Hungarian-born) computer scientist, mathematician (1903 - 1957)

News Thump

Europe jealous of British weather
Other countries with their ‘heat waves’ and ‘horrifying 40-degree temperatures’ are secretly jealous of Britain’s steady August drizzle.
The revelation comes as nations across the world bake in high summer temperatures whilst gazing enviously at Britons grimly trudging through the horizontal rain.
Europe, which is sizzling in hot, sunny summer weather, actually yearns for some good, solid British downpours to break up the monotony of all that hot, hot sunshine and beach weather.
“It’s true,” admitted EU Weather Coordinator Simone Guilliames. “One thing we in Europe will lose with Brexit will be access to all those lovely, lovely overcast, chilly British summer afternoons.
“What we really fear is that when you sign trade deals with the rest of the world they will be able to make use of your delightful eight inches of rain in twenty-four hours whilst we are stuck with boring old sunny day after sunny day.”
“That would be hell,” she added.


The duffel bag is named after Duffel, Belgium, where the cloth used in the bags was originally sold.

Spring Rolls

Is what we call them and it's the same with the Germans- "Frühlingsrollen", with Frühling being Spring in German.  So how come the Americans call them egg rolls?

No eggs in them, so why the moniker?

Guardians of the Universe Vol 2

I linked up the laptop through the hotel's nice big flat screen to watch this film and it was most excellent.  Way more comedy and humour, stunning special effects and a nice (but obvious) story line.

Well worth a watch for a good night in as I thought it was better than the original.

Later Today

We face wifey's crew at St James' but yesterdays results were interesting:

Saturday 12 August 2017


We were getting hungry and not wanting to wait for days to get served in a typical German restaurant flooded with tourists, we fancied the Thai Imbiss we had seen on our stroll.  Good choice.

Wifey went for spring rolls and tom yum gung and I had the Masi Goreng- fried noodles with veg and mixed meats in a chilli/curry sauce.  Loved it and filled the hungry hole.

Bill for two was 18:60€, which would feed you for a week in Thailand but that's just the way it is.

Go Al

Saturday Afternoons

I had forgotten just how restricted it is in Germany as all shops and services (outside of fleecing tourists) close at lunch time on a Saturday and all day Sunday.  It's a religious thing.

Which meant after a walk up to the train station the ticket office was closed and we shall have to get ours this morning via the machine, which is always an adventure in options and takes some getting used to.

Anyway, with luck we shall be on the 11:53 to arrive at Frankfurt at 13:05 and Jan has offered to pick us up directly from the main station which is a god send.  Wifey's foot is still fecked and that has led to problems with her knee.

I fear all walking is making things worse but with luck we can get to Izola and she can have a proper rest up then.


My first visit to Rudesheim and it was rammed with coach loads of tourists from all over.  It was uncomfortably crowded and we were happy when we left the jostling bodies behind us to walk around seeing some splendid sights off the beaten path.

I think it would be better to come and visit off season but it is worth a stay over.

Logging On Part 2

I returned with the second computer and this time watched what was going on.  Precisely nothing as the gadgy opened up Chrome and got the same message saying there was a fault with the log on page.

I pointed this out to the twat who insisted it was our problem and he still maintained it was.  I was now starting to get annoyed but bit my tongue and watched as all browsers were opened in turn, including IE (now re-termed "Edge") with the same result.

He then said another lady had had problems the night before and so I asked why no one had looked into the situation if it had already occurred?  You know what he said?

Why? We have only had two people complain out of over 220.

I pointed out that it was in fact three in 24 hours and how did he know all 220 previous guests had laptops with them?  Judging by the other guest most were elderly or ramblers/cyclists who wouldn't know one end of a computer from another.

He deigned to comment and so I said we were wasting enough time but at least we had one laptop that was on- line and that would have to suffice.  I haven't seen him since and that's probably best for both of us.

Logging On Part 1

At Reception we were told it was easy to access the internet and there was no password needed.   Unpacking our laptops it was obvious we weren't getting through and there was a fault.

I took one lappie back downstairs and was pompously informed the hotel was not at fault but our equipment.  Erm no, we have two top of the range computers and neither are getting through, so the fault must lie with the provider- you.

The guy then said they had no control over the signal as it comes direct from their parent company in Switzerland and all was well as their desk top was getting access.

I was finding it hard to be calm at his attitude but a colleague came out and began to fiddle with our laptop while I asked the other chap to at least re-set the router as this is usually the problem.  Again the haughty response was that they are not allowed to re-set anything and any problems would be taken care of directly from Switzerland.

I am not sure what was grating more, his lack of interest or willingness to even help, or his disdain for a customer with a problem.  What happened to "the customer is always right"?

Fortunately, by this  point something had clicked and we had got through but when I asked the man what he had done, he was just vague and told me to bring our other laptop down and he would "fix it."

4* Luxury?

The hotel looked the business and the reception was most professional advising us breakfast times (07:00 to 11:00, very generous), where the pool and sauna were located and no paperwork bar a simple signature.

However, not all that glitters is gold as found on the fourth floor when we opened the door.  The room was tiny (I think I since read it was 20 or 25 sq m) and despite a lift, we still had to negotiate two flights of stairs.

It was all top level finish with quality fixtures and fittings, just in miniature but the bed was comfy, we had two pillows and a nice big telly.

The main problem arose when we tried to access wi-fi...

Checking Out

We always prepay all rooms wherever possible so that there no hidden surprises and having paid upfront, sometimes months ago, it's all been accounted for and is almost "free".

So we were rather surprised when we were asked to clear our bill in Sankt Goar as we handed our keys in.

I assured the lady we had paid by credit card in July and asked her to check her records.  She briefly glanced down, and then with hubby arriving, she smiled and said that we had indeed already coughed.

My feelings on this were that she barely checked anything and certainly did not look it up on the computer.  Further, if it was so obvious we had cleared our bill in advance, why not check that before making a claim for payment.

No doubt it was an easy mistake to make but it raised my suspicions...


What a super way to spend three hours but to be on the Rhine meandering its way through the hear of Germany allowing the scenery to come to you.

Getting on and off the vessel was easy with our luggage, the crew stowed it out of the way and we could wander around with ease and the couple of beers we had on board were the best we've had since arriving.

Highly recommended.

C & H

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Well Said

We always like those who admire us; we do not always like those whom we admire.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
French author & moralist (1613 - 1680)


More than eight billion cans of Spam have been sold over the past 80 years.


Here we go Again

Lucky Arsenal- losing 2 - 3 with ten minutes to go, they take all three points, winning 4 - 3 against Leicester.  Not a good start to the season for Spurs fans.

Quite Right

Wifey has pointed out that we also get a free, two glass bottle of sekt with breakfast.  As I don't drink, sparkling or not, she is doubly chuffed.

Slim Pickings

Unfortunately we shall have to forgo the usual Blogging as we have to pack our stuff and then get down for breakfast.  No way am I giving up on free bratwurst and their cheery jam on a fresh roll is simply not to be missed.


Bye Bye Sankt Goar

My first visit to this small town on the Rhine and while the weather conspired against us, we still had a fun and memorable time.  We're now off to Rudesheim, a three ferry trip down the river before heading back to DB and onto Frankfurt to stay with our cousins.

That means we shall be wifi-less until next week when we get to Izola, so we'll have to make the most at our next hotel, Hotel Traube.

C & H

Friday, 11 August 2017


Arminia have kicked off their season with a flying two out of two wins to take them to third spot.  I was looking forward to seeing them play when we are in Bielefeld in October but typically the week we are there, they are playing away.  Bugger, but perhaps I can catch St Pauli in Hamburg instead?

Tue18/07/17CLFWuppertaler SV0 - 1Arminia BielefeldMore info
Fri21/07/17CLFArminia Bielefeld1 - 3Norwich CityMore info
Tue25/07/17CLFArminia BielefeldCANCAston Villa 
Sat29/07/172.BArminia Bielefeld2 - 1Jahn RegensburgView eventsMore info
Sun06/08/172.BGreuther Fürth1 - 2Arminia BielefeldView eventsMore info
Sat12/08/17DFPArminia Bielefeld18 : 30Fortuna DüsseldorfMore info
Mon21/08/172.BArminia Bielefeld20 : 30BochumMore info